GT 1020: Chassis

Chassis Tracking Device

Compact cellular telematics device for chassis management

Keep a close eye on your chassis operations with the compact and versatile GT 1020. As part of a solution that includes 4G LTE cellular connectivity (with 3G/2G fallback), a comprehensive cloud application and APIs to facilitate third-party integration, the GT 1020 allows for visibility into the location and status of your chassis to optimize inventory, improve utilization and minimize losses.

Featuring integrated GPS and cellular antennas for discrete installation, a built-in accelerometer, a rugged design and a battery backup that lasts up to eleven months when disconnected from power, the GT 1020 will provide accurate, consistent and reliable tracking of your chassis fleet.

construction equipment tracking: GT 1020

5 Reasons to Choose the GT 1020 Chassis Tracking Device

1. Feature Rich
The GT 1020 features GPS technology for precise location reporting, geofencing capabilities to keep track of when assets enter or exit specified regions and a built-in accelerometer to adjust the frequency of location reports based on vehicle motion.

2. Fast and Easy Installation
Small, compact and discrete, the GT 1020 is ideal for deterring theft and tampering. Installation is quick and easy with integrated GPS and cellular antennas, as well as tape or screw mounting options.

3. Built Tough
The GT 1020 is rugged, reliable, and has been designed to withstand extreme weather conditions as well as dust, water, shock and vibration.

4. Backup Battery
When external power is lost, get reporting for up to 11 months (depending on reporting frequency) with a long-lasting backup battery.

5. Easy to Deploy and Integrate
The GT 1020 is flexible and versatile, with multi-network connectivity and an optional turnkey solution. APIs are also available for easy integration into propriety or third-party applications

“We selected ORBCOMM as our technology partner to upgrade and enhance our telematics program because of their proven success in the transportation industry in providing reliable products backed by end-to-end support that drive efficiencies across the business.”

Waymon Hemmings, CEO, B.A.H. Express, Inc.

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