Case Study: Proper Oils

Delivering, collecting, and recycling cooking oil.

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We chose Blue Tree to help us achieve big goals – tacho automation, vehicle tracking, driver coaching – but with a low impact, end to end, scalable solution that can grow our business.

Stephen Hurton, Managing Director, Proper Oils

Based in London, Proper Oils works in renewable energy, collecting waste cooking oil from caterers – both used vegetable oils & animal fats – and refining it into high quality biodiesel. The recycled oil is then supplied to local organisations, by a private fleet of Euro 6 trucks across London & the South East of England.

As a socially responsible business, Proper Oils is keen to ensure its private truck fleet and drivers contribute and adhere to its environmental and social objectives, which it considers just as important as its financial objectives.

Blue Tree Systems case study of Proper Oils

The Challenge

In 2016, Proper Oils recognised the potential for telematics to play a part in its goals – by achieving fuel savings through improved driver performance; by reducing greenhouse gases by driving fewer miles through tracking and mapping of its fleet; and by reducing the potential for accidents through improved compliance with drivers’ hours records.

As a growing business, Proper Oils also has to ensure that increased work processes does not result in additional administration time, complicated workflows or higher costs. Telematics has to provide a rapid ROI to the business, gain adoption quickly and pay for itself quickly.

The Solution

Proper Oils chose Blue Tree Systems after receiving positive referrals from other Blue Tree customers.

One of the first benefits is the automation of tachographs. With remote downloading, both drivers and the Operations Manager will no longer have to wait or rely on manual downloads of tachograph data. Live, up to date view of each drivers’ remaining working hours are available through Best of all from Proper Oils’ perspective , Blue Tree provides an end-to-end system, with driver infringement letters and reports integrated into the platform, eliminating the need to pay 3rd parties to process the tachograph data. This reduces admin time and provides for reliable, scheduled reporting.

Proper Oils business also depends on it providing an agile, fast service provider to its customers. With advanced mapping, the Operations Manager can see where their vehicles are at any one time. If a customer call for a takeaway or delivery, nearby vehicles can be identified and the driver’s available working hours checked to see if the job can be complete in compliance with regulations.

Once Blue Tree is bedded down within the company, Proper Oils recognises the opportunity to improve the working lives of their drivers with advanced driver training, with more informed and reliable feedback from the office to drivers showing how driving, safety and compliance processes can be improved.