Improve driver performance by managing driving styles and reduce fuel costs by up to 20%

No other system can match our advanced driver analytics and coaching tools, which deliver immediate fuel savings and reduced maintenance costs.

Driver-friendly coaching

Live on-board driver scoring, feedback and coaching. Color-based scoring makes the driver aware of areas where improvement is necessary. All advice presented to the driver can be customized by the fleet’s own driver trainer if required.


Scoring across 3 categories

The only telematics solution to offer driver scoring across categories: performance compliance and safety. This is essential to avoid the problem of rewarding a driver for their driving performance –only to find out later they have a poor record in compliance or safety.

Defend any driver challenge

Defend any driver challenge quickly and easily by clicking on any score to drill down to detail, resulting in fast driver acceptance and trust in the system.


Robust and extensive data

Categories include excessive idling, harsh braking, over-speeding, harsh acceleration and deceleration, driving without the use of cruise control, over-revving and more.

Vehicle profiler

Profile trucks on how they should be driven according to manufacturer’s specifications with the Vehicle Profiler, which characterizes each truck for RPM bands, torque, power, speed and fuel consumption. Blue Tree then overlays a driver’s driving pattern to highlight where improvements need to made in their driving behavior to maximise the performance of the vehicle.

Large chart showing driver performance scoring in grade format
Bar charts showing driver performance scores

Totally configurable

Highly configurable to meet the specific needs of your fleet. Select which categories of driving behavior to score drivers on – and what % to attribute to each behavior – and deliver an overall performance score for drivers.

Customised for each fleet

Add additional custom categories to the scoring system to allow the company score on aspects of driver behavior that are important to the business e.g. vehicle cleanliness, customer relations. Fleets can choose the weight of each custom category to the overall score.


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