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Advanced messaging improves communication and information between driver and office staff and leads to much more efficient fleet operations. Messages can be free-text or form-based. Text-to-speech functionality ensures the safety of drivers and other road users while on the move, while form messages are fully customizable by the user to suit their individual requirements.

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Driver Performance

Maximize the performance of each driver and reduce fuel and maintenance costs dramatically, with Blue Tree’s live, on-board driver scoring, feedback and coaching feature. Sophisticated yet simple to use, color-based scoring makes the driver aware of areas where improvement is necessary and he/ she can drill down to view coaching tips on how to improve their overall grade, e.g. by reducing idling time or increasing use of cruise control.


Truck-specific navigation selects appropriate, safe and optimal routes based on height, weight and length restrictions to get your drivers to their destinations. Blue Tree has partnered with both Garmin and ALK so customers can choose the application they prefer. Free, lifetime map updates ensure your fleet is always up to date, across the globe.

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DVIR Pre and Post Trip Checks

The DVIR Vehicle Inspection Reports enables drivers to complete daily pre- trip and post-trip inspection reports on trucks and trailers. By eliminating time-consuming and inaccurate paper-based records – and with direct, real-time upload to Blue Tree’s maintenance manager tool – this app will saves time, money and ensures driver and vehicle safety.

Automated Workflow

Focus your drivers on doing the driving, and let Blue Tree’s mobile workforce solution manage their daily schedule and increase customer satisfaction thanks to more efficient job management. Schedule the driver’s work for the day, including deliveries, pick-ups, fuel stops, rest locations and more, while the system will automatically guide the driver through his/her working day. Auto-arrive forms can be displayed on reaching a destination to advise the driver on work instructions for that location.

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Android Compatability

Blue Tree’s mobile workforce solution is Android-based, meaning that users can choose to use a Blue Tree hardware platform, or simply choose their own Android device that best fits their operational requirements and budget.


A host of accessories are available, including mobile document scanners, printers, cameras and NFC (Near Field Communication) tags.


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