Summitt Trucking Switches to Blue Tree Systems

Blue Tree Systems, Inc. a provider of trailer tracking, reefer monitoring and fleet management solutions, today announced that Summitt Trucking, LLC is switching its fleet to the R:COM fleet management system. The transportation and logistics services provider is using Blue Tree Systems’ R:COM tracking and management capabilities on all tractors and trailers.

“We’ve been using mobile communications for many years, and therefore had high expectations of what these solutions should offer,” said David L. Summitt, president & owner of Summitt Trucking. “After careful review, we decided to switch to Blue Tree Systems based on the comprehensive nature of its R:COM solution and its integration with TMW, particularly its auto arrive/depart functionality. R:COM’s unique ability to provide a full suite of products for EOBR and driver performance monitoring, refrigerated trailer management as well as dry van trailer tracking provides a comprehensive and complete solution that meets all of our needs.”
Founded in 2003, Clarksville, Indiana-based Summitt Trucking is a family owned and operated asset-based transportation and logistics company. Through steady growth and acquisitions, the carrier has expanded, and now provides dry and refrigerated truckload, as well as expedited service to customers throughout the 48 states and Canada.

Summitt Trucking is installing its entire fleet of more than 150 tractors, 475 dry vans and 75 reefers with R:COM systems, including adding the solution to new units at the factory. All trailer units are equipped with sensors to monitor and track the deployment of the newly installed ATDynamics TrailerTail aerodynamic devices. This new capability to monitor the TrailerTail while in movement is the result of a partnership between Blue Tree Systems and ATDynamics Inc.

The ease of installation of the Blue Tree Systems in-cab technology on the fleet’s tractors allows all installations to take place in the carrier’s shop. Typical installation time for a complete R:COM EOBR system is less than one hour. The R:COM system then provides tracking and trip reporting for Summitt Trucking, turn-by-turn Navigation, Messaging and workflow functions between the driver and TMS. Also, all the data provided from both
refrigerated and dry van trailers including trailer status information, and refrigeration unit settings and integrated to Summitt through TMWSuite®.

“By switching to Blue Tree Systems’ dry van, refrigerated trailer and tractor systems, along with the latest aerodynamic device deployment sensors, Summitt Trucking has become a full scale user of Blue Tree Systems technology while taking a leading position of using next-generation technology,” said L. T. “Chip” Powell, director of US operations at Blue Tree Systems. “We are very pleased that they have chosen to use R:COM to meet all of their operational and customer service needs.”