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We chose Blue Tree because its hardware and cellular-based solution is much better than anything else we’ve seen on the market.

Michael Eggleton Jr, Vice president, Raider Express

Headquartered in Fort Worth, Texas, Raider Express is a family owned and operated refrigerated truckload carrier with 175 tractors and 300 trailers and facilities in Fort Worth, Houston and Sparta, New Jersey.

Raider Express is a family owned and operated refrigerated truckload carrier that specializes in hauling grocery and food products in the contiguous 48 US states. The company which currently operates 175 tractors and 300 trailers has additional facilities in Houston, and in Sparta, New Jersey.

Raider Express utilizes the Blue Tree R:COM solution on its trailers used in over-the-road service that are equipped with Carrier and Thermo King refrigeration units. Blue Tree’s R:COM solution was installed at the fleet’s shop.

An initial evaluation of five Blue Tree R:COM systems by Raider Express validated the company’s belief in the solution’s ability to help save fuel, and more effectively monitor refrigeration units to improve customer service and enhance cargo security.

Benefits of the Blue Tree system at Raider Express include fuel savings from reefer run-time monitoring. Using real-time data, the carrier is able to monitor refrigeration unit use, and remotely set temperatures and turn units on and off.

Refrigeration unit engine hours can also be tracked within specified geo-fenced area and by trailer, enabling the company to more effectively work with customers to meet their needs.

Raider Express is also using an integration enabled by Blue Tree that links the R:COM system’s data to its McLeod Software dispatch and enterprise management solution.

Trailer tracking and usage data is used to enhance productivity and customer service, and to have information available instantly. The Blue Tree Systems R:COM solution uses the latest GPS technology to provide accurate and reliable positioning data. The system displays trailer locations using digital map technology in road, aerial or bird’s eye views. R:COM also provides detailed vehicle movement history and gives fleets the ability to name and geo-fence locations, and configure alerts when a trailer enters or exits a designated location.

“We are delighted to have won this business with Raider Express who conducted a very thorough review of products in the industry so their decision to chose R:COM reaffirms the quality of our product. R:COM technology will provide Raider Express with real-time trailer tracking and reefer monitoring information that can be used to save fuel and make decisions that results in improved productivity and customer service.’ said L.T “Chip” Powell, Director of US Operations at Blue Tree Systems. “This ability to manage trailers will enhance the service Raider Express provides to its customers, and benefit the fleet’s operation.”

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