Get total fleet control with live, essential data

Instant, comprehensive information to maximise the productivity and efficiency of your fleet – regardless of size or location – with real-time and historical data.

Instant information with key vehicle data

Always know where your vehicles are – and be in control with detailed information at your fingertips. Live information on vehicle location, fuel level, drivers hours remaining, refrigeration unit status and more data points are available with a single click.

Map showing live location data for truck and trailer vehicles
Map showing truck stops along a route

Historic tracking for deeper insight

Get extensive tracking history in breadcrumb format on a map and drill-down to each event for more detailed information.

Maximized route efficiency

Detailed stop reports allows fleet managers to ensure route efficiency is maximized and to map each stop complete with time and date information.

Image of route optimisation
Table showing detailed history for trucks and trailers

Drill down for comparison analysis

Detailed, drill-down information is easily available, providing accurate location, dwell-time, refrigeration unit, working hours and fuel data.

Minimized GPRS costs

The unique roaming set-up ensures GPRS costs are minimized when roaming abroad, and provides the lowest communications package cost in the industry, without sacrificing quality thanks to the application of cutting edge GPS technology.


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