Reduce administration workload and stay compliant

Simplify the reporting of fuel use by carriers that operate in more than one jurisdiction. Tax calculations are automatic, precise and can be exported on request if an audit occurs.

Automate Tax Compliance and Reduce Administrative Workload

Thanks to automatic detection of state line crossings and odometer readings recorded on state entry and exit, all IFTA calculations and administrative workload are completed without driver input. The amount of fuel burnt per state is also recorded.

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State by State Recording.

State visit reports detail odometer readings on entry and exit from the state, the distance travelled and time spent in the state. Routes can also easily be mapped to comply with any IFTA audit requirements.

Accurate Reporting

Reports include distance driven, fuel purchased, fuel used, MPG, fuel and mileage tax due, refunds and credits. Total distance travelled per state per vehicle or group of vehicles can be exported or viewed on screen, allowing for quick and easy handover of data to audit officials.

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Quarterly Reporting.

To meet quarterly fuel tax report requirements, Blue Tree Systems produces an IFTA compliant tax report for the entire fleet on demand. Fuel purchased data used in the fuel tax calculations can be imported automatically from fuel card data, driver entry via the in-cab display, or manually entered from submitted receipts.

Reliable and Advanced Tax Calculations

Blue Tree Systems eliminates ‘gap’ errors associated with manual driver logs and transcription errors caused by manual back-office data processing. No driver or back-office input is required, as all calculations are automated, thereby significantly reducing administrative workload. All data can be summarized on-demand should a surprise audit occur.

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