Deliver immediate fuel savings, reduce maintenance costs, prevent theft and improve purchase decisions with deep analytics, calibration technology and driver coaching tools.

Use calibration to improve fuel economy

Overcome the challenges associated with traditional fuel auditing processes with the Fuel Auditor, an automated method of auditing fuel down to each gallon burned by every truck in your fleet. The Fuel Auditor uses the industry’s only calibration technology that applies a software calibration to fuel data collected from the engine.

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Coach drivers to save money on fuel

Save money on fuel with live on-board driver scoring, feedback and coaching on driver performance categories which include excessive idling, harsh braking, over-speeding, harsh acceleration and deceleration, driving without the use of cruise control, over-revving and more.

Stop fuel theft

Solves potential fuel theft with the Fuel Auditor. By comparing the actual fuel burned to fuel purchased over any period, and by taking into account the fuel stock in the truck’s tanks at the start and end of the period, the Fuel Auditor can report the fuel delta in gallons for each truck.

Map showing live view of remaining fuel for trucks

Compare driver performance accurately

Show drivers the difference between an inefficient truck and an inefficient driving style. The Fuel Auditor calibrates fuel burn information from each and every driver, regardless of the truck driven. This means results can be tracked and reported per driver, per vehicle, per group of drivers, per vehicle type or group of vehicles – or any combination of driver and vehicle over any period.

Improve truck make and model purchase decisions

Make smarter purchase and trading decision with the Fuel Auditor, the industry’s only calibration technology that applies a software calibration to fuel CANbus data collected from the engine. Once calibrated, accurate fuel data from every truck in the fleet will offer a true and unbiased fuel performance comparison between each make and model under test.


Maximize driving style to vehicle specifications

Profile trucks on how they should be driven according to manufacturer’s specifications with the Vehicle Profiler, which characterizes each truck for RPM bands, torque, power, speed and fuel consumption. Blue Tree then overlays a driver’s driving pattern to highlight where improvements need to made in their driving behavior to maximise the performance of the vehicle.

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