Over 20 years of innovation

In 1996, we released R:COM 1, the first generation of our telematics solution which utilized radio technology to provide our first customers with detailed reports vehicle location and operating information.

Between 1996 and 2001, Blue Tree Systems began expansion into the United Kingdom, Germany, the Nordics, Greece and North America.

2000 marked the introduction of R:COM 2.

In 2001, our Harrogate, UK office was opened.

2005 saw the introduction of the R:COM 2400, which was followed by our first GSM telematics solution, the R:COM 2400 GSM which allowed customers to take advantage of the enhanced digital cellular network coverage for quicker data transmission.

In 2008, the BT300 hardware platform was introduced, and allowed customers to plan for the future with the integration of 3G compatibility.

In 2010, Blue Tree Systems opened its North American headquarters in Roanoke, Virginia.

By 2011, Blue Tree’s global headquarters had exceeded capacity and floor space was more than doubled with the establishment of its new global headquarters for Research and Development, Support and Operations.

2011 marked the introduction of BT100, Blue Tree’s dedicated trailer tracking hardware platform which was engineered for operation in the harshest of operating conditions.

Blue Tree Systems’ D-A-CH office was opened in Stuttgart, servicing sales, support and operations for Germany, Austria and Switzerland.


In 2013, R:COM Mobile was launched allowing fleet managers to access R:COM Report data anytime, anywhere and on any Android or iOS device.

In the same year, we expanded our global reach to 3 continents with entry into Australia.

2014 marked the introduction of BT500, Blue Tree’s next-generation Android hardware platform which introduced Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, USB ports for connection to a wide range of accessories such as printers, scanners and cameras.

Due to rapid growth, we had outgrown our North American headquarters in Virginia and moved to Greensboro, North Carolina which our North American sales, support and operations staff call home.

In 2015, Blue Tree’s new Mobile Workforce solution was launched, allowing users to choose any Android device and install features as apps or as one solution.

In 2015, our new sales, support and operations office was opened in Lyons, France to service the French and Benelux region.

2016 marks the launch of fleetmanager.com, Blue Tree’s new flexible and fully customizable online reporting platform, which combines the power of R:COM Reports with the flexibility of a web-based platform.