What it’s like to work at Blue Tree Systems

Want to know what it’s really like to work at Blue Tree Systems? See what some of our team members say about daily life at Blue Tree Systems.

Stephan Grimm
Country Lead, D-A-CH (Germany, Austria, Switzerland)




What I do at Blue Tree Systems

I build and strengthen our German, Swiss and Austrian operations. First and foremost, I get in touch with potential customers and take care of existing customers. I also lead the team in Germany and act as their knowledge base.

Why I like working here

Working in an international environment means things are more challenging, interesting and fun. I like getting to work with people with slightly different mindsets and approaches and I enjoy and value my colleagues. The fact that there are not too many layers of management at Blue Tree Systems means you can reach whomever you need and solve problems easily. Most importantly, I am completely convinced that compared to our competitors, we have a superior product. What I like the most about my job is demonstrating our solution to potential customers and seeing how amazed they are at what we can do. Our product has the potential to help our customers enormously and I really enjoy explaining benefits we can bring to their business.


Jonathan Hanley
Software Team Lead



What I do at Blue Tree Systems

My job is to lead by example, to encourage the people in my team to produce a product we can be proud of and will see Blue Tree continue to lead in the market place. My day to day work is primarily focused on hands-on development of our many software products. Alongside this I also work with development managers to agree deliverables and timelines, which then feed in to an agreed work plan for the team in the short to medium term.

Why I like working here

I like working at Blue Tree Systems because of the great work environment, there are no egos in our office, everyone is friendly, open and approachable. Blue Tree Systems is also a great place to work as a developer; due to the nature of our product we have a diverse range of systems and solutions each of which bring their own challenges, as an engineer this keeps me challenged and allows me to expand my knowledge. My job is rewarding because I feel I accomplish something at work which contributes to the success of our company.


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