Blue Tree Systems announces ELD registration and listing with the FMCSA

FMCSA-Blue-Tree-ELDSept 19, 2017:  Blue Tree’s ELD solution has been registered and listed on the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s (FMCSA) ELD online registry. The combination of Android-based in-cab software, the cloud-based reporting platform and BT500 hardware is a cutting-edge ELD package that will appeal to many fleets.

“Blue Tree’s ELD is the most driver friendly on the market”, commented Charlie Cahill, CEO, Blue Tree Systems. “We have really focused on combining a fast, easy to use ELD in the cab – with the most comprehensive, in sync solution for dispatchers and compliance managers which solve issues like missing miles and log editing in the most productive ways”.

Drivers find the ELD’s modern look and feel easy to use and quick to learn; training takes 15 minutes. As the only ELD system with a HOS Advisor, drivers are constantly updated with options to maximize their driving hours based on the current working day/cycle. Simple log editing means that drivers can quickly, easily and legally edit their non-drive duty logs to correct mistakes.

Compliance managers and dispatchers use Blue Tree’s cloud-based management software – to get to the HOS data they need in real-time – which is always in sync with the driver. Color-coded data reminds the dispatcher when drivers are nearing their breaks or are in violation. Duty logs can be easily seen, edited and remarked upon; all edits immediately update the drivers’ logs and status in the cab. With highlighting of modified entries, the original data is retained, providing a full audit trail.

“We have had a lot of success in recent opportunities by highlighting the key differences between our ELD and those of our competitors”, said Tim Van Cleve, VP Sales for Blue Tree Systems in North America. “Our ELD works harder; it goes beyond compliance. With driver scoring, jobs, messaging, eDVIR, fuel economy and vehicle analytics, Blue Tree’s ELD product drives safety, performance and efficiency as well”.

Blue Tree’s ELD eliminates the hassles with unassigned miles. Drivers logs are recorded by the BT500 vehicle gateway connected to the engine ECM and uploaded to the server in real time. If a driver drives the vehicle while not logged in, driving is still being recorded on the BT500 and once a driver logs back into the vehicle, they are automatically presented with the miles recorded while not logged in and asked to claim the miles. This greatly reduces the work for compliance/safety managers, as they no longer waste hours re-creating logs associated with unassigned miles.


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