National Carriers blue truck image

National Carriers praise Blue Tree Systems’ solutions

614x350-National-CarriersIt’s great to see that one of our long-time customers – National Carriers – are currently featured in the latest Spring 2016 issue of Refrigerated Transporter magazine.

Based in Liberal, Kansas, National Carriers operate 550 tractors and over 1,000 refrigerated trailers throughout the U.S., and over the last year have made significant investment in state-of-the-art tractors for their refrigerated fleet. Providing driver feedback and fleet management tools also falls within that investment, and National Carriers have praised our hardware and software solutions for enabling them to those achieve those requirements:

“We use the Blue Tree technology for electronic driver logs and to monitor truck systems,” said Darrel Crabtree, National Carriers assistant maintenance director, “On the refrigerated trailers, we monitor trailer temperature, refrigeration unit setpoint, and fuel supply. The system is doing a great job for us.”

70% of National Carriers’ hauled freight is refrigerated cargo. It’s obviously an important cornerstone of the business that calls for a solid solution.