Culina reduces tachograph infringements


Culina reduces tachograph infringements

It’s good to see that 78 drivers for Culina—one of the UK’s leading food and drink logistics providers—recently completed an entire calendar year without any tachograph infringements. Culina proudly displays the drivers’ names prominently at their home depots, and were featured on the Warehouse News website thanks to their achievement.

Culina Tachograph Infringements

Other companies might be interested to know that we have gone further and brought the driver’s compliance performance ranking from the depot right into the cab, through our ability to offer same-day driver infringement reporting.

Using our Mobile Workforce product, drivers can see (in the cab) where they rank among their peers in compliance performance—and what they need to do to improve.

Through scoring, peer comparison, feedback and coaching advice, drivers become self-motivated to do things better! As the scoring is available on any Android phone or tablet, drivers have an easy and immediate way to see their score.

Mobile Workforce does not just measure compliance performance—but gives separate scores for safety and driving style management as well. Fleet compliance managers can give an overall score to each driver—and define what emphasis to give to each aspect of safe and compliance driving.