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The Evolution of Telematics

Technology is made up of two groups. Those that innovate, and those that follow the course. We’ve never been comfortable following, and once again, our new generation of technology solutions has positioned us at the leading edge of innovation.


Our hardware platforms form an integral part of our technology offering. These are designed and engineered in-house by our R&D teams, ensuring seamless deployment with our software products and maximized performance for every customer. Our flagship BT500 hardware platform has been designed for the fleets of today and tomorrow. We’ve integrated modern technologies to ensure our customers are future-proofed, with a host of communications interfaces, storage and connectivity options. The BT500 platform is designed for the fleet of tomorrow with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and full 3G connectivity in addition to USB ports that allow for the connection of printers, scanners and other devices that form an integral part of day-to-day operations. We are one of the first telematics providers to adopt an open-platform technology objective based on Android. This frees our customers from the restraints of closed systems and restrictive hardware options, and unleashes the full potential of our technology.


Every role in every business has its own unique challenges and requirements. There is no one-size-fits-all, only tailor-made solutions that meet the needs of every individual. Our new fleetmanager.com platform is built based on this guiding philosophy. Interactive graphs, management dashboards and scheduled reports allow the new platform to be used in totally unique ways by every user. Fully scalable to any business size, the new platform is lighting fast, responsive and user-friendly with a powerful, custom-designed search engine, the ability to create unlimited user-specific workspaces, drag and drop widgets and workflows.

fleetmanager.com is an extremely powerful platform that contains all the reporting power of R:COM Reports, with the flexibility and speed of a web-based portal. Field-based research and close collaboration with customers allowed our software development team to custom-build a solution that matched the key challenges faced by fleets and every individual working for them on a daily basis.


Mobile Workforce

Lock-down mobile solutions and limited device choice have plagued the world’s transport industry for years. With thousands of models to choose from, why restrict businesses to just one or two? By adopting Android as our development platform for our new mobile workforce solution, we’ve achieved something incredible. We have unlocked the enormous choice in devices that consumers have enjoyed for years, and combined them with the power of our business telematics application which can be installed on any Android device, as one complete solution or as individual apps and by partnering with Garmin, ALK and TomTom, customers can unlock the full potential of their advanced mapping technology. Driver performance, two-way messaging, form messaging, truck-specific navigation, Vehicle Inspections, workflow management and mobile temperature monitoring are all available on the new platform and we’re hard at work on new, powerful solutions that will further accelerate our customers business operations.

Integration Partnerships

We have formed long-lasting relationships with key TMS developers including TMW, TruckMate, McLeod, Paragon, TrailerTail and more – which means your business can seamlessly integrate the systems your business relies on with any of our platforms. See our full list of approved software integration partners.