Best Choice for Pharma Transportation

Gamp 5 Blue Tree SystemsJuly 27, 2017: Good news! If you are transporting for the pharma industry, the temperature-controlled cold chain requires a transport solution that meets industry guidelines and adheres to the highest quality standards.

Blue Tree’s temperature monitoring solutions have been developed and tested in accordance with Good Automated Manufacturing Practices guidelines (as per GAMP®5), developed by the International Society for Pharmaceutical Engineering

This brings assurance to our customers who rely on us for live tracking of assets, constant monitoring of refrigeration units, real-time alerts, audited reporting and evidential proof of temperatures to protect valuable refrigerated cargo moving through the cold chain.

“If you are responsible for ensuring cold chain integrity for your regulated business – either through your own transportation company or a third-party – temperature monitoring is an important tool in ensuring that the highest levels of quality are being adhered to and maintained during the refrigerated transport phase of the chain,” commented Charlie Cahill, our CEO. “It is also key to commercial success, in combatting common industry challenges such as rejected loads, equipment failure, or driver error”.

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